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Installment #7

16 Nov 2011 10:39 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Tonight I went to Love Feast.  Whenever I go to Love Feast I often wonder what part of the experience will linger over. What part will become the focus of my thinking and feeling and reflecting.  Many times I linger over feet washing.  Often I think about the person who washed my feet.  It is an opportunity for prayer, for fond thanksgiving for that person.

Tonight was very different.  I’ve never thought about Love Feast in this way before.  As many of you may know I was involved in a fall from a ladder that resulted in a shattered bone requiring surgery and now considerable rehab.  Some, I’m sure are most weary of references to that fall.  But it shapes my life just now and it is the lens through which I see everything.

Tonight at Love Feast as I sat in my wheel chair and as I went to the hand washing table, unable to get down and wash feet, a new part of Love Feast leaped out at me.  We came to the breaking of bread and the sharing of the cup, the communion.

As Donna reflected on the meaning of this moment and as she read some of the words we say before sharing bread and cup, I was struck by Jesus body broken.  Body broken.  That shapes my whole context just now.  My body is broken. 

But Jesus body was broken for others.  It was not of his own doing.  It was endured.  Inflicted by others.Endured for the sake of others.  I reflected on what it means to be broken.  The pain.  I have learned a lot about the pain of a broken body in the last month plus.  It is not pleasant.  It is to be endured.  And it requires everything one has.

His body was broken - a gift to the world. 

I would not wish the pain I have had on anyone.  I would not wish this reorienting of life on anyone.

My, what a gift - to be broken for the sake of others.  To take it, absorb it, so someone else might be whole.  What a humbling thought.  What a large thought to ponder.  That the one we follow loved us so much he went through being broken for our sake, for the sake of all people of the world.

I’m glad we break that little piece of bread.  It is a profound reminder, lest we forget, that our loving Lord was broken for the world.

Yup!  I need to ponder that some more.

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