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Installment #9

01 Oct 2013 8:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Summer officially turned to Fall recently.  Summer is time for a change of pace.  Fall is a time of returning to responsibilities like, jobs and school and a ton of other activities.  Summer is a time when we all take our turn at vacation and unwinding and rejuvenating.  Fall is a time for returning.

As the pastor of a local Church, I am struck by what experts we have become at finding reasons to miss worship on Sunday morning.  Any of us can tick off a dozen reasons in an instant.

So I decided to tick off a dozen reasons to be in worship on a Sunday morning.

10.  There is always someone there glad to see me and someone I’m glad to see.

9.  For seven days my whole world has challenged what Jesus teaches. Hearing Jesus’ teachings gets me back on track.

8.  I’ve accomplished a lot of wonderful things.  I’m wonderful. I need the reminder that in God’s eyes, I’ve also fallen down and I’m still loved.

7.  I love to see the kids at Church learning about Jesus.  It inspires me.

6.  The week goes so fast.  Slowing down is good for my spirit.

5.  All week it’s been about me and mine.  In worship I hear God’s call to live for others.

4.  I feel loved when I’m with the people at my Church.  Once again I know God’s love is real.

3.  When I’m not in worship I’m not practicing my faith – praying, giving, hearing, singing, loving.

2.  In worship I can hear God’s call to serve in the world.

And the number one reason to be in worship:

1. To be in God’s presence with people I love and trust.

So when we’re tempted to skip out, yet again, think of some reasons to be in worship and maybe other plans won’t seem so important.

“I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord!’”

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