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Field of Hope

The Field of Hope Growing Project is a joint effort of several local churches and is affiliated with the Foods Resource Bank (FRB) a national organization whose mission is to alleviate world hunger by globally connecting local communities through agriculture. 

Each year, in support of the Field of Hope Growing Project, members of the Church donate their land, time, labor and money to help eradicate hunger through sustainable programs that grow lasting solutions to hunger. 


2015 marked our tenth year as a Growing Project.  During 2018, we are supporting a program in Asia called Cambodia East.  The program will help farmers to maximize available water and produce crops despite unpredictable weather patterns through the use of greenhouses and mushroom grow houses. Farmers will grow a variety of vegetables in addition to mushrooms and will work with World Hope International to establish market linkages for their produce. Women are particularly vulnerable in Cambodia because they lack equal access to land, employment and education, so they do not have a safety net to protect against the effects of unexpected weather events and disasters. Therefore, this program will focus on encouraging women to become agri-entrepreneurs. Women are also an important target group as they are more likely to share the financial and nutritional benefits of success with their children.

We begin each Growing Project in May with the Blessing of the Seed and finish in September or October with the Harvest Celebration.   We welcome your participation and support!


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